The Click Five ~ Jenny

Still remember this song? Of course, sure! So come and join at Ice Tour-Are Sent-I-Yarn tomorrow night 4 June start 20:00 WIB. Don’t be late yach.. coz u can get an official TC5’s poster with each purchase of festival ticket

Artist (Band): The Click Five

She calls me baby, then she won’t call me
Says she adores me and then ignores me
Jenny, what’s the problem? Baca lebih lanjut


The Click Five ~ Empty

This single is released only for Indonesia plus some other ASEAN countries market in 2007. Now available in an album “Modern Minds and Pastimes” together with “Happy Birthday“, either CD or DVD

Artist (Band): The Click Five

Tried to take a picture of love
Didn’t think I’d miss her that much
I wanna fill this new frame
but it’s Empty Baca lebih lanjut

The Click Five ~ Happy Birthday

Ok, welcome back to Indonesia guys!

Artist (Band): The Click Five

Hey you, I know I’m in the wrong
Time flies when you’re having fun
You wake up, another year has gone
You’re twenty one Baca lebih lanjut

The Click Five ~ Flipside

The newest 2008 single song from TC5 which is dedicated just for their fans in Indonesia and some other ASEAN countries

Artist (Band): The Click Five

It’s been a long, long time since everything was cool
I shoulda seen it coming but i guess I’m not the only fool
There’s something.. growin’ on the outside
Too much.. missin’ on the inside Baca lebih lanjut

Not Available ~ Everybody Knows

HEY ALL YOU CRAZY INDONESIANS!!! IT LOOKS LIKE WE’LL FINALLY COME TO INDONESIA!!! And it looks like we’ll come to Indonesia from July 30th-August 4th for three shows. Take that!

Everybody Knows 5 Aces (melodic punk rock from Eislingen, Germany)

Artist (Band): Not Available

Another town is waiting
another crowd to rock Baca lebih lanjut

Michael Franks ~ Antonio’s Song (The Rainbow)

Pelangi (Rainbow) sering jadi ide lagu, diantaranya judul lagu yang pernah populer dari Michael Franks ini. Pertama kali dirilis dari album: Sleeping Gypsy (1977). Klip musik mirip dengan lagu ini ada dipostingan selanjutnya

Artist (Band): Michael Franks

Antonio lives life’s frevo
Antonio prays for truth
Antonio says our friendship
Is a hundred-proof
Baca lebih lanjut

Slave to the Grind

Artist (Band): Skid Row

Buat penonton konser di 5 kota besar di Jawa: selamat menikmati ya…

You got me forced to crack
my lids in two
I´m still stuck inside this rubber room
I gotta punch the clock that
leads the blind
I´m just another gear in the assembly
line – oh no
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