The Way Of love

Artist (Band): Haddad Alwi & friends

The Prophet’s path, the way of love
Only by this Love you’ll rise above
like a dove that’s been set free
Love with longing is the key
This love with longing is the key
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Slave to the Grind

Artist (Band): Skid Row

Buat penonton konser di 5 kota besar di Jawa: selamat menikmati ya…

You got me forced to crack
my lids in two
I´m still stuck inside this rubber room
I gotta punch the clock that
leads the blind
I´m just another gear in the assembly
line – oh no
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Time Is Running Out

Artist (Band): Muse

Barangkali band inilah favorit berat Ahmad Dhani sehingga banyak orang bilang tembang ciptaannya “Makhluk Tuhan Paling Sexy”, yang dipopulerkan Mulan Jameela, terinspirasi banget oleh musik lagu ini deh.
What do you think?

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Hungry Like The Wolf

Artist (Band): Incubus covers Duran Duran

Greeting to Incubus & Duran Duran:
Thank you for your confirmation to Visit Indonesia Year 2008

Welcome to Jakarta!

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Are You In?

Artist (Band): Incubus

Its so much better
When everyone is in
Are you in?

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The Warmth

Artist (Band): Incubus

Another Morning View Sessions

I’d like to close my eyes and go numb
But theres a cold wind coming from
The top of the highest high rise today
Its not a breeze cuz it blows hard
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Kill To Believe

Artist (Band): Bleeding Through

Album: The Truth (2005)

Now what do you want from me?
When I’ve sacrificed my heart so you can be set free
And time will never cure this disease
I’m only left with tired arms to stop from drowning

This is loveless
Your love is hopeless

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