Slave to the Grind

Artist (Band): Skid Row

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You got me forced to crack
my lids in two
I´m still stuck inside this rubber room
I gotta punch the clock that
leads the blind
I´m just another gear in the assembly
line – oh no
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Youth Gone Wild

Artist (Band): Skid Row

Since I was born they couldn’t hold me down
Another misfit kid, another burned-out town
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Into Another

Artist (Band): Skid Row

Slowly I heal the love that’s found its way
Onto another path in times of change
Crossing a bridge unknown
Hoping our strength will hold
Should they both let go then let me lay
…..Let me lay
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Breakin’ Down

Artist (Band): Skid Row

What was it you once said
That there would be things in life that couldn’t be
Not for a second did I believe you
Not for a minute did I believe that
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Monkey Business

Artist (Band): Skid Row

Outside my window there´s a
Whole lot of trouble comin´
The cartoon killers and the
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Wasted Time

Artist (Band): Skid Row

You and I together in our lives
Sacred ties would never fray
Then why can´t I let myself tell lies
And watch you die every day
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My Enemy

Artist (Band): Skid Row

Album: Subhuman Race (1995)

Play the fence, one way you’re gonna fall
Sometimes I don’t know who you are at all
Your opinion is something that you’ve got inside
But I see the loyalty has up and died
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