Rick Astley ~ Cry for Your Help

To date, this song was Rick’s last appearance in the Top 10 in either the US or UK music charts since 1991 of his third album, Free

Artist (Band): Rick Astley

She’s taken my time
convinced me she’s fine
but when she leaves I’m not so sure Baca lebih lanjut


Rick Astley ~ She Wants to Dance with Me

1988, from his 2nd album: Hold Me in Your Arms

Artist (Band): Rick Astley

She wants to dance
She wants to dance with me
Oh yeah (dance with me) Baca lebih lanjut

Rick Astley ~ Together Forever

Bring back memories to another top hits of Rick in 1988

Artist (Band): Rick Astley
If there’s anything you need
All you have to do is say
You know you satisfy everything in me
We shouldn’t waste a single day Baca lebih lanjut

Rick Astley ~ Sleeping

Remember Rick? Course you do, it was the first single since 1993 from Keep It Turned On, 2001

Artist (Band): Rick Astley

I Toss And Turn, I’m Turning Round
But I Cannot Sleep
I’m Hypnotized, I’m Paralysed
By A Different Beat Baca lebih lanjut

Rick Astley ~ Never Gonna Give You Up

Whenever You Need Somebody, 1987

Artist (Band): Rick Astley

We’re no strangers to love
You know the rules and so do I
A full commitment’s what I’m thinking of
You wouldn’t get this from any other guy Baca lebih lanjut