Al Jarreau ~ Boogie Down

Jazz soul 80s Club Boogie Beat Street

Artist (Band): Al Jarreau

I can be what I want to
And all I need is to
Get my boogie down
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Al Jarreau ~ Spain (I Can Recall)

Live show featuring Freddy Washington (bass), Buzzy Feiten (guitar), Joe Sample (piano), Philippe Saisse (keyboard), Steve Gadd (drum) for Mandella (t-shirt)

Artis (Band): Al Jarreau

I can remember the rain in december
the leaves of brown on the ground
in Spain I did love and adore you
the nights filled with joy were our yesterdays
and tomorrow will bring you near me
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Al Jarreau ~ Moonlighting

Remember Lech Wałęsa’s Solidarność Gdańsk of Poland in early 1980s? A ha yes, this movie stars Jeremy Irons as Nowak, a polish builder leading a team working illegally in London [1982]

Artist (Band): Al Jarreau

Some walk by night,
Some fly by day,
Nothing could change you,
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Al Jarreau ~ After All

sedaap….. emang enak ngabuburit ditemanin nie lagu

Artist (Band): Al Jarreau

There, there was a time I knew
That no matter come what may, love will prevail
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Al Jarreau ~ Mornin’

Alwyn Lopez “Al” Jarreau, Single, 1983

Artist (Band): Al Jarreau

Mornin’ Mister Radio
Mornin’ little cheerios
Mornin’ sister Oriole
did I tell you everything is fine
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