Al Jarreau ~ Mornin’

Alwyn Lopez “Al” Jarreau, Single, 1983

Artist (Band): Al Jarreau

Mornin’ Mister Radio
Mornin’ little cheerios
Mornin’ sister Oriole
did I tell you everything is fine
in my mind?

Mornin’ Mister shoe-shine man … shine’em bright in white and tan,
Baby said she loves me and … need I tell you that everything here is just fine
in my mind.

‘Scuse me if I sing
my heart has found it’s wings
Searchin’ high and low and now at last I know.

Mornin’ Mister Golden Gate
I should walk but I can’t wait
I can’t wait to set it straight
I was shakin’ but now I am makin’ it fine
here in my mind.

My heart will soar with love that’s rare and real
My smiling face will feel every cloud
And higher still beyond the blue until
I know I can … like any man … reach out my hand
and touch the face of God…..

3 Tanggapan

  1. ini yg produsernya si david foster itu bukan yah. Btw, pengen gue nongton konser duo jarreau-benson tp ga ada maniy nih 😦

  2. ths lagu aku suka2

  3. saya suka loh mas JM, sama lagu ini.. hehehe. 😀

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